January 8, 2023, Mount San Antonio (Baldy), CA

View from our start (around 9:30 am) below the cloud layer with a clear view to San Clemente Island over 100 miles away.

After climbing the southernmost end of the Baldy Bowl, we connected with the ski hut trail and ascended the southern ridge of mount San Antonio. Conditions began to deteriorate with the cloud layer dropping along with an increase in wind gusts. A helicopter attempting to rescue a woman who fell down the bowl earlier that morning would be unable to due to the conditions. Icefall down the more northern sections of the bowl proved to be treacherous, especially those who ventured out without helmets.

Our final 1000ft push to the summit featured mixed conditions rapidly changing between blue skies and mist. Gusty winds would result in large blocks of ice falling from glazed trees. We presume this is one of the reasons the northern sections of the bowl suffered from frequent icefall.

After reaching the summit we began our decent with visibility remaining somewhat poor around 100-200 yards.

We then dropped out of a cloud layer, yet still above a thick marine inversion layer, providing this incredible sunset view. I skied the southern section of the bowl with conditions being icy, but just soft enough to get a few good turns in on the steep slope.

We reached the ski hut on our decent as the sun was setting. By this point conditions had improved enough for the helicopter to return and recover the woman who had fallen earlier along with the remaining search and rescue team. I would later learn unfortunately by this point she had already passed. I wish her family peace.

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